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Currently we have two authorised distributors. Ordering from a distributor closer to you should result in quicker shipping and with our authorised distributors you still get full technical support and promote development of new innovations.

In North America:

In Switzerland:

All shipping is via Royal Mail. Orders are normally shipped within 1-2 working days of you placing the order, if there is any significant delay beyond this we will email you to let you know and give you the option to change or cancel your order.  Tracking numbers become available a day or two after shipping, on my next visit to the post office, you will receive a notification email when the tracking number is available and you can track your shipment on the Royal Mail website here.

Shipping times are based on our normal experience with that service, they only count working days and are not a guarantee. Some countries can be very slow at processing parcels through customs, in particular Canada, can delay packages in customs by many weeks. This is beyond our control and we suggest using tracked shipping to avoid the frustration of not knowing where your parcel is. Tracked shipping is not normally any faster than untracked but you will at least know where your parcel is.

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