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Support, Resources and Open Source Hardware 

All the manuals in once place.
If you are having any problems with our products please follow this link to our support thread at reprap forum.
Our most common issue is the system appears to trigger late and heavy. This is almost always (with a correctly tuned PCB) due to the piezo disc polarity being reversed. So first thing to try, reverse the plug for the piezo disc on the piezoPCB, tune it and try again. See the manual for a way to check this before dismantling it.  
We are building up a list of mounts and designs to match various 3D printers please see this thread for some ideas/downloads.
Printers now covered:
-Tevo Tarantula
-D-bot (possibly C/J bots also)
-TaoBao Corexy
-Reach 3D
-713 Maker Delta hotend mount
-Hypercube Evolution
-Anet printers
-CR10 (using E3D)
-Chimera Delta mount
-E3D Titan 
-E3D Titan Aero (using motor to carriage)
Also search Thingiverse for Piezo Mounts.
We would love to see mounts developed for the following printers:
-Cr-10 (original screw mount hotend)
-Prusa I3 Mk2/3
See this thread for some ideas.

Many of your questions may well already have been answered so please take a good look. If this is not suitable please see our contact page.


Open Source Hardware


The files/designs required to make your own piezo sensor system can be found here and at reprap forum.


Circuit diagram is shown on the right .  Click it to magnify. Or download it here.

A BOM is also available.


Other piezo electric implementations can be found on thingiverse some of which are our work, and collaborations with others:

Details about how to make, tune and tweak your sensor, are covered in various forums:,635075,page=1 - Reprap Forum this is the main resource


Duet Forum general development and Duet/Reprap Firmware related -



If you would like our assistance please contribute to the threads above, for the benefit of everyone. If you come up with a new way to use this technology, please consider making your work open source and working with us to bring it to as wide an audience as possible.

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