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This is the Precision Piezo Universal PCB (by Moriquendi) V2.85!


Which we also supply with our universal kits. It enables up to 3 piezos to be attached so is suitable for hotend piezo z-probes (with drilled piezos) or underbed piezo z-probes with 3x undrilled piezos.


V2.75 PCB:

  • has mounting hole, which can be snapped off if not needed.
  • Has an active low (NC) monostable output now called D. This means failsafe operation, and a 0.25sec delay when triggered.
  • It is now possible to check it is powered up at a glance, as the red TRG LED is lit when powered.
  • New in v2.85 is an analogue output allowing trigger threshold to be set on the controller. Currently this is known to be compatible with the Duet Wifi but should be compatible with other boards too.


It can be tuned (see online resources) to acccept a wide range of piezo sensors/discs. Its purpose is to turn the signal generated by a piezo disc when compressed or flexed into a 5v (or 3.3v depending on input voltage) endstop-style signal for your 3D printer, or other equipment, to detect as a trigger.


The boards are constantly evolving and the board you receive will have all the functionality as described above, but may vary slightly in appearance, or have additional improvements.


PCBs are made in batches and therefore the colour of the PCB may vary from that shown.


We are pleased to offer a 3 month warranty on this product.

Universal Piezo Z-Probe PCB v2.85 (for 1,2,3 or more piezos)

SKU: 35
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