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PLEASE NOTE: Plastic parts are now being printed in black.


Price has increased to cover the additional shipping cost for this item which is significantly higher than other items due to it's size.


Titan Aero/Titan Printed bracket


This is the printed ABS parts required to make a Piezo Z-Probe Titan/Aero bracket.

The bracket is attached to your printer, you then bond a 20mm piezo disc into the bracket and connect it to one of our piezo z-probe kits.

Other than this it functions exactly as the e3d original titan bracket, on which is based.


To complete the module you will need

  • A piezo Z-probe kit with 20mm undrilled piezo disc
  • 2x m3 mounting screws length/type dependant on your printer
  • Titan extruder/motor etc.. are not included
  • The base has no mouning holes but is thick enough so you can drill hole you need.


Whilst we sell these they are open source and you can print one yourself if you have a reasonably accurate 3D printer. Please see the resources page.

Titan and Titan Aero Piezo Bracket

SKU: 28
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