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Precision Piezo Z-Probe Kit. Now with V2.85 PCB!

This kit enables you to build and integrate our proven piezo electric sensing technology into your build. Potentially offering all of the benefits of our ready built modules. This differs from the Piezo20 in that you can either design your own piezo setup or download and print one of the designs on thingiverse and complete it using the parts from this kit.


  • V2.85 PCB:has mounting hole, which can be snapped off if not needed.
  • Has an active low (NC) monostable output now called D. This means failsafe operation, and a 0.25sec delay when triggered.
  • It is now possible to check it is powered up at a glance, as the red LED is lit when powered.
  • New in v2.85 is an analogue output (A) allowing trigger threshold to be set on the controller. Currently this is known to be compatible with the Duet Wifi but should be compatible with other boards too.

Each kit contains
3 Piezo Disks, 20mm or 27mm piezo available. 20mm are better for a compact setup, 27mm are more sensitive
A tunable PCB for connecting the piezo disc/s and providing an endstop-style signal.
Endstop Cable

Support for your build is available at our support thread on reprap forum.

Of course you might come up with an entirely novel way of using this system, if you do please share it on reprap forum, as above, we'd love to hear about it and see some photos.


PCBs are made in batches and updates are made regularly therefore the. PCB may vary from that shown.


We are pleased to offer a 6 month warranty on this product.

Precision Piezo Universal Z-probe Kit With V2.85 PCB

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