This product is now end of life and will not be restocked. For hotend sensing I suggest the Orion module which offers better performace.


Now shipping PCB v1.2 allowing adjustment from both sides of the board for easier adjustment when mounted.


This is the Precision Piezo Piezo20 PCB which we supply with our ready made sensor modules. It is designed for one piezo input (although multiple piezos can be attached in parallel). Unlike the kit board it is more compact, has a hidden header for the piezo input, and side entry header for the endstop cable. It has a power LED to verify it is operational. It has mounting holes.


It can be tuned (see online resources) to acccept a wide range of piezo sensors/discs. Its purpose is to turn the signal generated by a piezo disc when compressed or flexed into a 5v (or 3.3v depending on input voltage) endstop-style signal for your 3D printer, or other equipment, to detect as a trigger.


Please note this PCB can be run on 5v or 3.3v depending on your printer controller.


The boards are constantly evolving and the board you receive will have all the functionality as described above, but may vary slightly in appearance, or have additional improvements.


We are pleased to offer a 6 month warranty on this product.

Piezo20 PCB v1.2 (For the Piezo20 Module/1 piezo)


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