What out Customers Say

"Just have to post back here after probing lots of times and doing many prints. First layer height is now always the same and I'm not even using baby steps to correct anymore this sensor is just bang on each time. No way back to the IR sensor after trying this! I'm designing my other printer to run with piezo probes also now since this is so stable to use. Great product guys!"


"Hi Dj,
Thanks to you too! your piezo screw mount works excellent. My first layers are much better and consistent(look at the letters on the benchy picture). I ain’t going back to another sensor for now."


I have two deltas - both with under bed sensors - not even mounted - just loosely put on top of the piezos (see my earlier posts).
Since I have the piezos I NEVER ever had to worry about Calibration anymore. It simply works.

Before the piezos, every evening I had to tinker around with the bed height to get first layer perfect.

Thanks again for this really great technology!

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