PT100 sensor with fibreglass heat proof sleeving, and high temperature wire. (2-wire type).

  • cartridge style sensor 20mm x 3mm (dia) stainless steel
  • 95cm wire


PT100 sensors use platinum to detect change in temperature due to changing resitance. Unlike thermistors they work over a wide range of temperatures and should be capable of 400 degrees celcius in 3D printing applications.


PT100 sensors require a suitable amplifier board based around the MAX31865 chip. These are available from E3D, where they convert the signal to a 3 wire endstop output. If you use DuetWifi/Ethernet you can buy a PT100 daughterboard which allows use of two PT100 sensors freeing up your thermistor connections to be used to monitor other temperatures.


Supplied with 95cm high temperature wire (up to 200 deg C), and fibrglass sleeving for use near the heater block these units have an E3D cartridge style sensor, which fits E3D heaterblocks 20mm length and 3mm diameter.


Resistance measured 110ohms at 20 degrees C (referenced against k-type thermocouple). Resistance rises linearly as temperature rises.



PT100 Sensor


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